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ICVPB 2016Monday 14, of March 2016    

The International Conference on Vocal Fold Physiology and Biomechanics (ICVPB) dates back to 1980. Initially called the Voice Physiology Conference, it began with five individuals who brought together voice scientists from Japan and the United States. The five people were Wilbur James Gould, Osamu Fujimura, Kenneth Stevens, Minoru Hirano, and Ingo Titze. The first meeting was held in Kurume Japan, in 1980. The focus was and has always been basic science, the physical and biological underpinnings of voice production. In total, nine Vocal Fold Physiology meetings were held. After Kurume, the meeting took place in Madison (1982), Iowa City (1984), New Haven (1985), Tokyo (1987), Stockholm (1990), Denver (1992), Kurume (1994), and Sydney (1995). The name of the conference was then changed to ICVPB to include the influx of biomechanics and biology into our field. The first ICVPB meeting was held in 1997 at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, followed by Berlin (1999), Denver (2002), Marseille (2004), Tokyo (2006), Tampere (2008), Madison (2010), Erlangen (2012), Salt Lake City (2014), and now Viña del Mar (2016). for current scientific research on the larynx and voice.