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Seminar by Dr. Oriol Guasch at GIPSA-LabThursday 10, of April 2014    

Seminar: "Finite Element Methods in Voice Production"

Speaker: Dr. Oriol Guasch, La Salle - Universitat Ramon Llull

Place: DPC salle B314

Timtetable: 10:30h, April 10, 2014



Human voice production involves very complex physics with laminar and turbulent airflows interacting with vibrating and colliding vocal folds, and with acoustic waves propagating in a dynamic contorted vocal tract. Numerical methods, and in particular the finite element method (FEM), have revelead as the most plausible option to solve all this complexity at once. In addition to providing the possibility to generate a given sound, they allow to visualize the sound sources and the propagation of acoustic waves through the voice organ. However, care should be taken not to use FEM as a black box. 

In this talk we will expose and try to answer some questions such as: Why should we apply FEM for voice generation? Which are the FEM foundations that make it so useful? Which are its advantages and drawbacks? Which are some of the main physical and mathematical challenges to address in numerical voice production? Are they closely related? What type of results could we obtain from FEM voice simulations? Are we close to simulating the whole physics leading to the generation of a syllable that contains e.g., a fricative?

Link: Seminar