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Seminar of Dr. Sten Ternström at Marcus Wallenberg Lab for Sound & VibrationFriday 04, of April 2014    

Seminar: "Simulating the human voice, and voicing to simulate - a presentation of on-going EU projects”

Speaker: Dr. Sten Ternström and Pétur Helgason, KTH  

Place: room Munin

Timtetable: 12:05h-13:00h, April 4, 2014


KTH is currently partner in two EU FET-Open consortia in which research on the human voice is carried to extremes. In EUNISON, seven research groups are collaborating on "Extensive UNIfied-domain SimulatiON of the voice", creating an experimentally validated, physics-based cutting-edge computer model of the sound production in the voice. And in the project "Sketching Audio Technologies using Voice and Gestures", a design support system is being developed that aims to enable sound designers to sketch new sounds using their own voice and hands. Prof. Sten Ternström at KTH Speech, Music and Hearing coordinates EUNISON, and leads a work package in SkAT-VG. He will give an overview of these projects and of the many interesting ideas that carry them forward (,