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EUNISON @ ICVPB 2016 conferenceWednesday 20, of January 2016    

Some of the results from EUNISON will be presented to the researchers attending 10th International Conference on Voice Physiology and Biomechanics 2015 (March, 14-17, 2016), Viña del Mar, Chile.

M. Arnela, S. Dabbagchain, O. Guasch and O. Engwall (2016); “Generation of diphthongs using finite elements in three-dimensional simplified vocal tracts” 

Oral session: 15/03/2016

S. Dabbaghchian and O. Engwal (2016) “Vocal Tract Geometry from a Biomechanical Model”

Poster session: 16/03/2016

A. Van Hirtum (2016), “A setup to study physical principles underlying speech production for articulation-like movement”

Poster session: 16/03/2016

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