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WP8 - Dissemination, Collaboration and Exploitation

This WP is focused on a very important part of the proposed project: the dissemination and exploitation of the achieved results. This will be done in accordance with the joint collaborative task designed for all FET projects, to promote cooperation and synergies within the consortium and among FET projects working in related areas. Since everyone has a voice and uses it to communicate, the project will be of interest to a wide audience. The consortium has the commitment to share and disseminate the results achieved during the different phases of the project, with both laymen and experts. These results will be made accessible as a means for understanding the communicative and health-related aspects of voice. Explanations, demos and an animated voice simulator will be placed on-line for the general public, whereas researchers in the field (and related fields) will benefit from publications in international scientific journals and conferences, and from an Open Workshop, which is scheduled to be held in month 30, and where international co-operation with other groups outside Europe will be attempted. Dissemination will be also carried out through the participation at the European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition, and through a Summer School developed in parallel to the Open Workshop. Finally, several student and research exchanges are planned to reinforce intra-project collaboration and improve the results.