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Deliverables of EUNISON project, where the nature of the deliverable is denoted as R = Report, P = Prototype and O = Other​, specifying if it is public (PU) or restricted (RE)

Del. no.Deliverable nameTypeDelivery Month
D1.1Documentation of kick-off meetingR (PU)3
D1.2 Second year progress reportR (PU)24
D2.1FSI model of VFR (RE)12
D2.2 FSI data interfaceP (RE)18
D2.3Model-control interfaceR (PU)24
D2.4FS-to-acoustic coupling (incompressible)R (RE)36
D3.1Model parameters and geometry, inflow boundary conditionsP (RE)12
D3.2Data of VF movement, velocity and pressure fieldsR (PU)15
D3.3Acoustic source distributionR (PU)21
D3.4Energy paths and back couplingR (PU)39
D4.1Finite Element strategy for compressible flow (theory report and initial tests)R (PU)12
D4.2Compressible flow solver, ALE and soft tissue coupling strategiesR (PU)34
D4.3Unified FEM codesR (PU)39
D4.5Unified FEM driven by high-level controlsP (PU)39
D5.1Simulation and validation of VT sound with static geometriesR (PU)12
D5.2Acoustic waves in an ALE frameworkR (PU)20
D5.3VT sounds with dynamic geometriesR (PU)24
D6.1Vocal tract replicas and acoustic measurementsP (RE)12
D6.2 Dynamic replica for fricativesP (RE)20
D6.3Dynamic replica for plosivesP (RE)32
D7.1Definition of control parameters (static)R (RE)15
D7.2Temporal control for dynamic modelsR (RE)24
D7.3Phonetic interfaceR (RE)32
D7.4Remote-access interfaceP (PU)39
D8.1EUNISON's public websiteO (PU)12
D8.2Joint Collaborative TaskO (PU)30
D8.3On-line voice simulationsP (PU)39